Race Oncology is an ASX listed precision oncology company with a Phase II/III cancer drug called Bisantrene

Bisantrene is a potent small molecule inhibitor of the Fat mass and obesity associated (FTO) protein. Over-expression of FTO has been shown to be the genetic driver of a diverse range of cancers. Race Oncology is exploring the use of Bisantrene as a new therapy for melanoma and clear cell renal cell carcinoma, which are both frequent FTO over-expressing cancers.

The Company also has compelling clinical data for the use of Bisantrene as a chemotherapeutic agent with reduced cardiotoxicity in Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML), breast and ovarian cancers and is investigating its use in these areas.

Race is pursuing outsized commercial returns for shareholders via its ‘Three Pillar’ strategy for the clinical development of Bisantrene.

Review our plans under the Three Pillar strategy via our 2020 strategic update which was released to the ASX on 30 November 2020.

Race is led by a seasoned team and Board, supported by a network of key opinion leaders and collaborators. See our leadership team here.



The ‘New” Race launched and the Three Pillar Strategy announced


5-Path Strategy announced advancing Biantrene in AML, Breast and Ovarian Cancers,


Race Oncology lists on the ASX (RAC) with the mission to rescue Bisantrene and return it to the clinic.


Bisantrene rediscovered, new patents filed and orphan drug designation obtained.


Bisantrene was approved for marketing in France for the treatment of AML. In the process, the French registration was withdrawn.


More than 40 published clinical trials run assess its efficacy and safety in a wide range of cancers including leukemias, breast and ovarian. The studies covered more than 2,000 treated patients and revealed that Bisantrene was shown to possess low cardiotoxicity potential and useful therapeutic efficacy in several cancers, notably AML.


Bisantrene discovered in the United States by US Pharmaceutical company Lederle (a division of American Cyanamid).