Novel preclinical data published in Cancer Research highlighting Zantrene’s potential in colorectal and pancreatic cancers

21 June 2022 – Race Oncology Limited (“Race”) is pleased to announce that two peer reviewed research poster abstracts detailing new preclinical data on the anti-cancer uses of Zantrene (also known as bisantrene or CS1) have been published in the prestigious scientific journal, Cancer Research, following their recent presentation at the American Association of Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Conference in New Orleans, from April 8 – 13, 2022.

The two posters were presented by researchers from the City of Hope Hospital and Chicago University, including Race’s Scientific Advisory Board member, Professor Jianjun Chen. They describe the use of Zantrene as a potent inhibitor of FTO – the Fat Mass and Obesity-associated protein.

The first abstract describes preclinical data demonstrating Zantrene’s ability to inhibit FTO and suppress pancreatic carcinogenesis via targeting cancer stem cell maintenance. Pancreatic cancer has few effective treatment options and patients need better treatments for this devastating disease.

The second abstract explores the use of Zantrene as an adjunctive treatment able to overcome colorectal cancer resistant to 5-FU based chemotherapy via inhibition of FTO in both cell and mouse models. Resistance to 5-FU is a significant clinical issue as this drug remains a backbone of colorectal cancer treatment.

This important research exploring Zantrene utility in pancreatic cancer and colorectal cancer complements Race’s own recent findings that Zantrene can inhibit FTO in AML, melanoma and clear cell renal cell carcinoma.