Prof. Borje S. Andersson appointed Chief Medical Officer

Race Oncology Limited is pleased to announce that Professor Borje S. Andersson has agreed to join Race as Chief Medical Officer and Executive Director. Under this role, Prof. Andersson will be responsible for progressing Race’s clinical development plans for Bisantrene. He will continue to Chair Race’s Clinical Advisory Board and provide ongoing clinical guidance, leadership and counsel to the Race Oncology Board.

Prof. Andersson was initially engaged as a scientific and clinical consultant to Race in January 2019, before becoming Chair of RAC’s Clinical Advisory Board on 5 December 2019. He joined the Race Board as a Non-Executive Director in January 2020.

Prof. Andersson is a world-recognised research leader in the field of leukaemia and stem cell transplantation at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. He is the inventor of IV Busulfan, an FDA-approved drug used in stem cell transplantation. Busulfan was approved in 1999 and has drastically improved survival for patients with leukemias, malignant lymphomas and genetic disorders amenable to stem cell transplantation, helping to reduce the death rate in the first 100 days after transplant from 30-40% to less than 3%.

Chairman, Dr John Cullity commented, “We are very fortunate to have secured this commitment from Borje to join Race as our Chief Medical Officer. The expertise Borje brings in understanding the patient experience and clinical approaches towards drug utilisation will be invaluable to how we structure our clinical development plans for Bisantrene. He continues to make his substantial international network of experts available and we have already significantly benefited from this. I am delighted to welcome Borje to this new role.”

Phil Lynch, CEO and Managing Director said, “It is a privilege to have Borje’s guidance and leadership available to us at the Executive team level. As we move forward with our Bisantrene clinical strategy and our clinical workload increases, his CMO appointment provides us with additional expert resource to progress our clinical plans toward commercial outcomes.”

Professor Andersson commented, “My experience with Race through the Clinical Advisory Board and Board roles has motivated me to seek broader engagement, and to more directly support the team to progress and optimise our strategic plans. I’m very excited to assume this new and expanded role that the Board has offered me.”