Race Extends Heart Protection Collaboration with University of Newcastle

10 December 2021 – Race Oncology Limited (“Race”) is pleased to announce it has extended and expanded its collaborative cardio-protective research program for Zantrene® (bisantrene dihydrochloride) with eminent cardiotoxicity researchers, Associate Professors Aaron Sverdlov and Doan Ngo, at The University of Newcastle.

This collaboration builds on the initial heart safety preclinical study (ASX announcement: 28 April 2021) and will explore the cardio-protective attributes of Zantrene in vitro when used in combination with an expanded panel of anti-cancer drugs known to damage the hearts of cancer patients, as well as to undertake animal studies.

Race revealed an updated Three Pillar Strategy at the 2021 AGM (ASX Announcement: 23 November 2021) building on the recent discovery that Zantrene is able to protect heart muscle cells from both anthracycline and carfilzomib-induced death while also better targeting cancer cells (ASX announcements: 22 November 2021 & 08 December 2021).

This strategically important collaboration will underpin a cardio-protective Phase 2b clinical trial in cancer patients at high risk of anthracycline-induced heart damage, which is expected to begin treating patients in late 2022.

“The success of our collaboration with Associate Professors Aaron Sverdlov and Doan Ngo has been exceptional to date. We all look forward to uncovering all the cardio-protection secrets Zantrene has to reveal.”

Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Daniel Tillett

This program will cost $322K and start immediately, with results to be reported over the coming 12 months.