Race Oncology’s 2020 AGM

Race AGM 2020 Presentation

Race Oncology Limited (ASX: RAC) is pleased to release an extended version of the presentation from our 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Race’s Managing Director and CEO, Mr Phil Lynch commented, “At the time we released our updated Three Pillar strategy at our AGM, we committed to making available a video presentation to those shareholders who could not attend our virtual meeting. We outline the strategic development of Bisantrene, both at a low dose for the treatment of cancers where FTO is overexpressed, and at a high dose as a heart friendlier chemotherapeutic in a range of areas, including breast cancer and AML.”

• Introduction and summary of strategic update: Mr Phil Lynch CEO/MD: 0.00 – 11:38

• The Three Pillar Strategy in detail: Dr Daniel Tillett CSO/ED: 11:39 – 37:06

• Corporate overview, value drivers and concluding comments: Mr Phil Lynch CEO/MD: 37:07 – 41:55

Videography and editing by Sirius Productions