‘Three Pillar’ Strategic Update

Race Oncology is pleased to release our updated strategic plan for the clinical advancement of Bisantrene at our 2020 AGM.

The recent identification of Bisantrene as a potent inhibitor of the Fat and obesity associated (FTO) protein, together with the outstanding results from the Sheba Medical Centre Phase II trial of Bisantrene in R/R acute myeloid leukemia (AML), required a revaluation of the previous 5-path strategy to maximise shareholder value.

CEO/Managing Director, Phil Lynch commented, “2019-2020 has been a pivotal period for Race. New data on Bisantrene’s potential as both a highly targeted precision oncology drug and as a better chemotherapeutic approach led the Board to examine and refine our strategy. We are pleased to share our new Three Pillar strategy, which positions Bisantrene as a much higher value and multi-faceted transactional opportunity and is designed to deliver better therapeutic alternatives for patients across a range of cancer types.”

A longer form video presentation will be released to shareholders during the week commencing 7 December 2020.